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Karyn Kusama (DESTROYER)

Karyn Kusama

Kusama is an American film and TV director. She made her feature film debut with the 2000 film GIRLFIGHT, which she wrote, directed, and produced. GIRLFIGHT went on to be nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. She went on to direct the 2005 sci-fi action film ÆON FLUX and the 2009 cult horror comedy, JENNIFER'S BODY. In 2017 she directed a segment in the film XX, an all-female horror anthology. Her latest film, DESTROYER, is a crime thriller starring Nicole Kidman as Erin Bell, a racked, bitter, alcoholic Los Angeles police detective on a vengeful quest to find the leader of a gang with whom she was embedded undercover years ago. The NY Times points out that "from GIRLFIGHT to DESTROYER, her movies are distinguished by her willingness not to revel in brutality but to look it in the face. Over five films, Kusama has used genre — the sports movie, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, the paranoid thriller and now the L.A. noir — to tell difficult stories about grief and trauma and what it takes to survive them." Read the NY Times article here!

Watch the trailer to DESTROYER here!


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