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Tamara Jenkins (dir. Private Life)

Directed by Tamara Jenkins

A couple coping with infertility struggle to keep their marriage going as they navigate through the world of adoption and assisted reproduction.

Writer, director and actress Tamara Jenkins was not a typical Hollywood power-player, cranking out movie after movie and banking on star-power over narrative substance. Based out of New York City, Jenkins followed her artist's instincts from acting and performance art to feature filmmaking and writing and directing shorts for public television. While most writer-directors would head straight to Hollywood and scramble to stay in the trades, Jenkins followed up the critical success of her debut feature, "Slums of Beverly Hills" by taking sabbaticals at an artists' colony, publishing in literary journals and directing public service announcements. "The Savages", her much-anticipated follow-up to "Slums," premiered at Sundance nine years later, revealing an independent voice that could only come from an unconventional artist far removed from the pressures of the Hollywood system. A decade later, Jenkins next feature, "Past Lives" premiered at Sundance and was released on Netflix. In 2022, Jenkins was celebrated as the IndieWoman of the Year and First Features Honoree. 


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