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Hikari (37 SECONDS)

Tonight's Movie: 37 SECONDS, written and directed by Hikari.8:30PM.


Hikari’s debut feature film, 37 SECONDS, premiered this year at the Berlinale to rave reviews and won the Panorama Audience Award. Netflix acquired the film and is positioning it to be an awards film this fall. 37 SECONDS follows a 23-year-old graphic novel artist, Yuma, who is physically disabled due to cerebral palsy and emotionally stunted by her well-meaning but overly protective mother. In an effort to find herself, Yuma forges her own unusual path to sexual awakening and independence while at the same time discovering love and forgiveness. "In a Japanese society, it is a big challenge to depict people with disabilities in a film,” Hikari said in her speech after winning the prizes. “Every culture has something they don’t want to talk about,” said Hikari, “people with a disability and their sexuality is definitely not something that people would talk about in Japan.” Prior to 37 SECONDS, Hikari has directed many shorts and commercials, including TSUYAKO which won 47 awards and visited over 100 film festivals worldwide. Her 2015 short WHERE WE BEGIN, was nominated for Best International Short Film at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Hikari is fluent in English and Japanese and lives in LA.

Watch the trailer for 37 SECONDS here (btw this movie rocks)!


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