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Tonight's Movie: THE LAST THING HE WANTED, directed by Dee Rees. 8:30pm. Private Screening Room.

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At 43, Rees has already had the type of success that will outlast her. In 2011, she released her first feature film, PARIAH, a lush coming-of-age drama about a young black woman named Alike grappling with both her sexuality and the world’s response to it. The movie won more than a dozen awards, including, most notably, the N.A.A.C.P. Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture. Last year, the movie was included on IndieWire’s list of best films of the past decade, along with “Moonlight,” “Carol,” and “Call Me by Your Name” — movies that also feature queer narratives, though it’s worth noting that “Pariah” came out

years before them. In 2017, she released her next feature film, MUDBOUND, a drama about the lives of a black family and a white family working the same plot of land in Mississippi in the 1940s. It garnered four Oscar nominations, including Best Adapted Screenplay, making her the first black woman to be nominated in the category. Her latest project, THE LAST THING HE WANTED is her most Hollywood yet: Starring Anne Hathaway, Willem Dafoe and Ben Affleck. THE LAST THING HE WANTED is an adaptation of the 1996 Joan Didion novel about an American journalist investigating illicit arms sales to Central America during the Reagan administration. It is Rees’s attempt to demonstrate her range across scale, genre and star power.


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