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Augustine Frizzell (NEVER GOIN' BACK)

Tonight's Movie is an Early Screening of NEVER GOIN' BACK, Written and Directed by Augustine Frizzell!

Augustine most recently wrapped directing the pilot EUPHORIA for HBO. An exciting emerging filmmaker with a sharp, poignant, and unique voice she is a Texas native, growing up all over the south following her musician father’s career. Her debut film, NEVER GOIN BACK, informed by her own childhood, premiered at Sundance this year to rave reviews and many “must see” lists. A Variety “10 Directors To Watch,” her film, described as “a cross between Spring Breakers and Tangerine, Never Goin’ Back follows two disillusioned teen girls who hate their dead end diner jobs and follows them as they attempt to carry out their simple plan of living on the beach.” Inspired by real events from her teen years, Augustine wanted to make a comedy for kids much like herself, who didn’t come from middle class suburbia.

Watch the trailer for NEVER GOIN' BACK here!


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