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Annabelle Attanasi (MICKEY AND THE BEAR)

Tonight's Movie: MICKEY AND THE BEAR, written and directed by Annabelle Attanasi.

8:30 PM.

Annabelle Attanasi (Credit: Kaveh Veyssi)

Annabelle grew up in Los Angeles before attending NYU where she began writing, directing, and starring in short films and plays. Her first short film, "Frankie Keeps Talking" has played at over 30 festivals and won awards including Best Female Protagonist at NFFTY. Her first feature film, MICKEY AND THE BEAR, had an acclaimed world premiere at SWSW 2019 before being picked up by Utopia for worldwide distribution at Cannes. The movie's ground crew was comprised 70% of women and qualified for the ReFrame Stamp, which is mark of distinction for films that have demonstrated success in hiring gender-balanced crews.

There's no trailer yet but this movie has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!


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