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Women Wednesday Hiatus

With all that's going on, we've decided to put WW screenings on hiatus to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

We hope you're able to find some sense of normalcy in all of this. And please, if you're able, stay home as much as possible.

To help pass the time, we're going to post a streamable piece of content by a female filmmaker every day on our instagram.

Wishing everyone the best during these crazy times. As soon as it's safe, we will continue with our weekly screenings. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to help during this hard time. Our emails are below.

xx The Women Wednesday Team

Carly -

Lizzie -

Kaveh -


Follow us on Instagram for Quarantine Picks of the Day!

WW instagram will be your one stop shop for streaming recs to get us through this. Please follow our instagram for WW Quarantine Picks of the Day! If you have any you'd like to submit, fill out this form here!



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