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Tracey Deer (BEANS)

Tonight's Movie: BEANS

Directed By: Tracey Deer


Tracey Deer is a passionate Indigenous woman who strives to have a positive impact on the world. What we are putting out on our television screens really does shape our society, so these stories need to be representative of the society we are in. Born and raised in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Tracey Deer is an award-winning Indigenous director, producer, writer, mentor, speaker, and leader. A graduate of Dartmouth College's Film Studies program, Tracey is a visual storyteller who wants to have a positive impact on the world.

"My work is my effort to bridge the gap between two worlds: native and non-native."

Tracey has been dreaming of being a filmmaker since she was 12 years old. Since graduating from Dartmouth College's Film Studies program, she has amassed dozens of writing, directing and producing credits in documentary and scripted works. And Tracey always has many projects on the go. She is currently the Co-Executive Producer on ANNE WITH AN E, and recently released her feature film about a young indigenous girl growing up during the Oka Crisis in 1990s Quebec, BEANS.

"Oka was when I learned that I was different."

Tracey was 12 when the Oka Crisis occurred and changed her life forever. The anger, fear and frustration from that significant event fuel her work, her desire to help her people heal and create an understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Feminist, Mohawk, Survivor, Filmmaker - Tracey's work is a reflection of the issues most important to her. Tracey looks to evolve social change through her work.


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