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Sara Seligman (COYOTE LAKE)

Tonight's Movie: COYOTE LAKE, directed by Sara Seligman.

8:30 PM. Please RSVP to Gaby McCormick for address.

Sara Seligman

Sara was born and raised in Mexico City and attended a German boarding school for high school before moving to NYC to pursue her career in filmmaking. She attended New York Film Academy, and after graduation, Sara worked in production and development at Pearl Street Films under the wing of Jennifer Todd, while writing and directing her own projects. Sara sold her first screenplay, PLAN V to No Dancing Today, and was awarded Tribeca Film Institute’s TAA grant for her feature COYOTE LAKE. She also won the Gold Lion Award at the Barcelona International Film Festival for her short film DIEGO (link below). Sara has also worked in on-set production on several TV series, including THE MINDY PROJECT, AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE V. OJ SIMPSON, GETTING ON and THE FOSTERS. She is attached to direct SANTA MUERTE with Third Wheel Films (SLENDER MAN) producing. Coyote Lake will be on HBO later this fall.

Watch the COYOTE LAKE Trailer here!


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