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Paloma Martinez (CRISANTO STREET)

Paloma Martinez

Born and raised in Houston, filmmaker Paloma Martinez first picked up a camera as part of her work in labor and immigrant rights activism in Texas. Her documentary work hones in on the small but consequential moments that shape our lives. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film and Video at Stanford University. Her short 'Crisanto Street' turns her documentary subject, 8-year-old Geovany Cesario, into a co-cinematographer when she purchases a digital camera for him and asks him to shoot footage in the neighborhood where he lives. Full of wide-eyed wonderment and creativity, Geovany records his family, friends, and surroundings from inside the shadows of Silicon Valley and counts down the days until they have to move out of their mobile home and into a low-income apartment. Sensitive and honest, Martinez captures the bittersweet event occurring in Geovany’s life as he opens his heart to new possibilities amidst a socioeconomic struggle that rages on

Watch 'Crisanto Street' here!


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