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Lucy Luscombe (PAGANS)

Lucy Luscombe (Credit: Gabby Shepard)

Lucy got a taste for filmmaking after helping out on a video for her friend, the artist, Lightspeed Champion. She volunteered to be the choreographer and make-up artist, neither of which she was qualified for. That didn’t hold her back from directing and after receiving a BA in fine art from Central St Martins, Lucy quickly established herself as a one to watch, receiving high profile accolades including Underwire’s ‘Outstanding Female Talent”, the Bfi Future Film award and a UKMVA nomination (& cult following) for her music video for John Grant 'GMF'. She has already collaborated with an impressive array of clients including Nike, Liberty, Vogue, M&S, Warp Records, Channel 4, and British Heart Foundation. Her work is full of charm and humanity and she is a natural at making her talent feel comfortable whether it be a model or someone cast from the street—approaching both with the same amount of sensitivity & respect. Check out her short "Pagans" here!


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