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Lisa J. Dooley (PERSEPHONE)

Lisa J. Dooley: Lisa recently graduated with her M.F.A. from USC after receiving her B.F.A. from NYU Tisch. In 2014, Dooley was approached to create a 5 minute film for the Fun Size Horror Collective, an online project that gathered 31 horror shorts to be released online during the month of October. Her short ‘Persephone’, is about a young girl who wakes up in a coffin with nothing but a flashlight and a pocket knife and as she makes her escape, new horrors await her. After buzz generated by screenings in the festival circuit, including the Mile High Horror Festival, ScareLA, and a write up on Blumhouse's website, 'Persephone' was named #4 on Screamfest's 2017 'Top 5 Shorts Directed by Women' and screened at select Alamo Drafthouses before 'Jigsaw'. Dooley is currently adapting ‘Persephone’ into a feature film and has made several other short films.

Watch 'Persephone' here!


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