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Kelley Kali (LALO'S HOUSE)

Kelley was born and raised in Northridge, CA. She attended Howard University and while in DC, she interned at National Geographic which sparked her interests even more into film making. She went on to direct, shoot, and edit the very first Creole Dramatic Series to air in the country of Belize titled, Noh Matta Wat. She was the only female director on the television series and won a Paul Robeson Award for the series. She then attended USC grad school and continued working on films focusing on social issues, including “HomeGirls,” a short documentary that won several awards including the Grand Jury and Audience Choice Award at the California Women’s Film Festival. Most recently she wrote and directed "Lalo's House," which went on to win a student Academy Award and recently showed at Telluride. Watch "Lalo's House" here! Password: lalo


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