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Julie Bousquet, Estelle Hocquet, Catherine Manesse (CALDEIRA)

Julie Bousquet, Estelle Hocquet, Catherine Manesse (Flagging Credit: Hannah Dickson): 'Caldeira' is an animated short film by Julie, Estelle and Catherine, students from the famous French institution, Gobelin. The film follows Inès who has lived all her life in the shadow of her sister, a brilliant volcanologist. As a challenge, she decides to join a scientific expedition that plans to climb a volcano. The directors set out to "depict a sister-sister relationship as it is really rare in cinema, and set it in an impressive environment, a volcano, that also illustrates inner complicated feelings." Check out 'Caldeira' here, through GIRLS IN FILM, a website and organization which "represents, champions and connects the new generation of female-identified creatives in the film industry."


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