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Jin Angdoo (NPO RADIO 2)

Jin Angdoo

Angdoo is an extremely versatile Director specialising in mixed media films working across live action, stop frame and motion graphics. Jin is known for creating a unique tone for any brand. Korean born but having grown up in Los Angeles, Jin has worked in many areas of the commercial arena. Now dividing her time between London, Paris & Amsterdam Jin’s work crosses cultures and continents. Jin’s personal projects span abstract short films to hand bag design, always experimenting Jin has the perfect balance of unexpected creative and brand intelligence to handle any brief. Her commercial for commercial for NPO Radio 2 in Amsterdam is a gorgeous stop-frame film. Radio 2 is famous for playing music through the decades so Jin decided to use objects from the 60’s up until current day. Each object has a soul and the finally all the souls come together as all the iconic songs also come together to create a harmonious sculpture/sound.

Check out her commercial here and her other work here!


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