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Hannah Bang (SOAK)

Directed by: Hannah Bang Watch HERE PW: winterwater

Hannah Bang is a South Korean writer/director who loves creating bold stories about imperfect people. Hannah has directed multiple projects including an ensemble theater play Prodigy for the Hollywood Fringe Fest, co-directed a collaboration feature Voodoo Macbeth, and a sponsored short film Ripple Effect that was shot using virtual production technology Stagecraft. Currently a director fellow of 2022’s Film Independent Project Involve, Hannah is also a Jon Chu scholar, as well as a recipient of the Bridges and Larson Directing Scholarship and a co-recipient of the ETC Innovative Technology Award. Her work has been selected to screen at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs International Short Film Fest, Cleveland International Film Fest and the online sci-fi platform Dust among others. Hannah has previously worked in the fine art photography world and was a graduate of Cooper Union School of Art and USC.


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