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Daryl Paris Bright (BLACK GIRL POEM)

Daryl Paris Bright

Hailing from the DMV Metro area, Daryl graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Carnegie Mellon University, where she majored in Drama. She developed a passion for devised original work and Drama for Social Change when she collaborated with Dramatic Adventure Theatre, performing original work in Eastern Europe and Tanzania. Now based in NYC, Daryl helps run CNT Productions as Co-CEO. Daryl strives to create spaces for the nuanced stories of underrepresented voices not only in mainstream media, but throughout her community. "Black Girl Poem" has gained worldwide recognition including HBO’s Inspiration Room, the American Black Film Festival, and AT&T’s Film Awards for New Forms of Storytelling. It also won the audience award at National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

Watch "Black Girl Poem" here!


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