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Daisy Zhou (Nike Vogue)

Daisy Zhou

Daisy is a director and cinematographer based in Brooklyn. Growing up between Shanghai and Pennsylvania, the one constant in her life was making art & trying to grapple with the eclectic worlds shae was experiencing. Since graduating- she’s focused her career on cinematography and shortly began to direct in the commercial sphere at the same time. Her work with Nike’s Be True campaign is only the start of her relationship with films on dance, sexuality. Regardless of the brand or project, what excites her the most is the possibility of reimagining new identities. Since then, she’s shot and directed work for companies such as Prada, Underarmour, Playstation, Spotify, Rustoleum, and Wmagazine. Her work for Nike’s BeTrue campaign has been featured as the #1 spot on AdForum’s best ads of the week Worldwide, Adage’s Ad of the Week, and Business of Fashion’s #2 top Fashion Films of the season, as well as countless other publications such as Times, Nylon, Essense, Adland, and Mic.

Watch her commercial "Nike Vogue" here and check out her other work here!


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