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Courtney Loo & Dave Karp (HONESTY)

Courtney Loo & Dave Karp (Credit: Payton Layne & Andreas Valhouli): Courtney and Dave are incredibly talented directors, working on narrative shorts and music videos. Together, with Josh Feshbach they started Thrice Cooked Media to provide management, branding, strategy, distribution, and marketing for our in-house roster of musicians and independent narrative/film ventures. Their music videos have gotten over a million views online, with “Honesty” being my favorite. Caroline, who co-directed it with Dave, is a writer, director, and producer based in Brooklyn. She enjoys working closely with musicians to create colorful, hyper-stylized music videos, and she intends to continue writing & directing narrative films that are told through the lens of Asian-American characters. Dave is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and co-founder of Thrice Cooked Media. Watch "Honesty" by Pink Sweat$ (Official Music Video) here and their other work here!


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