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Chelsea Christer (BLEEDING AUDIO)


Directed by: Chelsea Christer

Chelsea Christer is currently finishing the film festival circuit with her first feature-length film, the multi-award winning music documentary Bleeding Audio. The film has won 7 awards and screened at 17 film festivals and counting including Slamdance, Dances With Films, SF DocFest, and Cinequest. She also directed two fiction short films (We’re Just Like You, 2010, and Sierra, 2012). Both have screened at multiple festivals domestic to the US and internationally in Scotland and Australia.

Originally from a horse ranch in Colorado, Chelsea Christer moved to San Francisco for film school in 2007. After graduating with a BFA in Directing from the Academy of Art, she worked as a producer/director and editor for a variety of corporate and commercial production agencies in the Bay Area. Chelsea has traveled the world, producing and directing brand documentaries and commercials for companies like Google, Adobe, HP, and Dolby. These productions have taken her all across the US and abroad to places like Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, and rural India. As both a documentary filmmaker and narrative director, Chelsea’s work in each discipline focuses on deeply human stories; character studies that show moments of growth, reflections on identity, and the sacrifice that can come with following a dream. Her longtime collaboration with musicians influences many of the stories she is inspired to tell.

Chelsea splits her time directing projects as a local in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their German Shepherd, Sagan.


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