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Becca Roth & Laura Goehrke (Lenses)

Becca Roth & Laura Goehrke (Credit: Julie Balefsky)

Becca is an award-winning documentary and narrative filmmaker. Her debut documentary feature, ONE: A STORY OF LOVE AND EQUALITY, delves into the personal stories of people on both sides of a heated political debate, and strives to understand differences and build bridges. She has directed several short films including "Lenses," "Workout Gaze," and "Boy Genius," all of which made the film festival rounds. She is now busy at work on her first narrative feature. Becca wrote and co-directed "Lenses," which is a fun way to kick off the year celebrating female filmmakers across the industry, as it's a narrative short where two female camera store employees express concern and confusion about a man who has the audacity to try to buy a camera. Meanwhile, Laura helms from the comedy world and tends to stay on the producing side of the business. Watch "Lenses" here!


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