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Nina Helene Hirten (Editor)

Nina Helene Hirtenis a cinematic editor and multimedia artist in Los Angeles. Some of her recent notable work was serving as editor for Universal’s CURIOUS GEORGE: ROYAL MONKEY, and Previsualization Editor for both Marvel’s ANT-MAN and the Wasp and Sony’s VENOM. In addition, she edits indie projects in the genres of animation, horror, drama, and more. Currently, she is lead editor on Amy Pohler’s animated series “Duncanville”, airing on Fox and Hulu.

After earning an BFA in Film from Ryerson University in Toronto, Hirten edited and composed the music for the feature documentary, CITIZEN MARC, as well as directed and edited a number of short indie films, music videos, and documentaries in Canada. She served on the board of the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) for 6 years.

Born in New York City, and educated in San Francisco, Stuttgart’s Technical School of Media (HdM) in Germany, and Ryerson Univeristy in Toronto, and now living in L.A., Hirten has powerful international eyes and ears for all aspects of film and media. She is a member of IATSE Local 700 and is actively involved in a number of editing and animation communities in the L.A. area.


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