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Natalie Kingston (Director of Photography)

Natalie Kingstonwas born and raised in South Louisiana where she was continually inspired by the unique Cajun tapestry that surrounded her. She picked up a video camera at the age of twelve and became eternally fascinated with the idea of creating moving images.

Natalie has photographed several feature films and her most recent, SHAPELESS (dir. Samantha Aldana) premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. She shot Orion Classics’ THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW (dir. Jim Cummings) and LOST BAYOU (dir. Brian Miller Richard), which premiered at Tribeca in 2019. LOST BAYOU also won the Best Cinematography Award at the New Orleans Film Festival.

Variety highlights the imagery of Lost Bayou as “relaxed and beautiful, capturing the remote milieu’s sunlight-dappled stillness and allure; the film casts an intermittent spell in those moments when it simply lingers on its unique landscape”. Her cinematography on The Wolf of Snow Hollow is “absolutely praise-worthy”, stated in Forbes.

Natalie shot Alma Har’el’s FREE THE WORK campaign which was spotlighted at CANNES LIONS in 2019. She also lensed Sam Pollard’s grammy-nominated documentary, TWO TRAINS RUNNIN’.

Most recently, she wrapped a new Apple limited series called Blackbird, which will be released in 2022. Natalie lives in Los Angeles with her husband and pup.


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