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Marie Pierre Renaud (Editor)

Marie-Pierre Renaud’s capacity to work as an editor in a variety of languages and formats was portended at the start of her editing career. Progressing quickly to long format, documentaries and feature films with directors such as Peter Weir on ‘Green Card' and the 'Truman Show’, and Milos Forman on ‘Valmont’, leading her to live and work in New York City for over 10 years, training in 35mm and digital format.

Since then Renaud has managed a trans-Atlantic career based in both, Paris and New York, editing documentaries, TV series but mostly feature films such as ‘Arsène Lupin’ ‘Le Cameleon’ and 'Aux Yeux de Tous’. With her reputation established, emerging foreign films directors have sought Renaud out, leading her to edit a variety of foreign films from Morocco, Algeria, Israel and Lebanon including the award winning independent feature 'The Kite’. More recently Renaud edited the 2021 Chinese American production ‘Confetti’ directed and written by Ann Hu (featured in our 10/13 Newsletter).


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