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Lisa Brühlmann (BLUE MY MIND)

Tonight's Movie: BLUE MY MIND, directed by Lisa Brühlmann.8:30pm.

Lisa Brühlmann

Brühlmann's career in film began as an actress. Although she was doing well, scoring a slew of appearances in film and television, she grew frustrated. "I quickly felt a desire to tell stories myself," she said. "The more I was on set and saw different directors at work, the more I thought that I could do it too. And I thought about how I would stage it myself. I just did it, I made a short film and I realized that's what's fulfilling to me. I like to be involved in the whole process, thus giving space to my voice as an artist. So I decided to go to film school and learn the craft from scratch." The Swiss filmmaker's debut feature film, BLUE MY MIND, premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival to rave reviews and many international accolades, including Best Film at the 2018 Swiss Film Awards and the Critics' Choice Award at the 2017 Zurich Film Festival. Most recently Lisa directed episodes of Killing Eve's second season. Read Lisa's interview here!

Watch the trailer for BLUE MY MIND here!


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