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Jenny Scarlata (Gaffer)

Jenny Scarlata is a talented gaffer whose work includes THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, KATY KEENE, SUCCESSION, and THE DEUCE. While working for free on student projects at SFSU, she became drawn to the team aspect of the grip/electric department. She moved to NYC and ended up working primarily on the electric side. She climbed her way up the ladder from lamp operator to best boy and now gaffer. Although there are fewer women on the lighting side, she was lucky to work with welcoming crews and never felt out of place.

Scarlata states, "THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL is a great project for lighting as it is very colorful and theatrical. Most of the shots are 360 degrees so we have to get very creative with the lighting placement. We tend to rig lights per shot (lots of LiteMats!) We also do lots of comedy club scenes so we get to do a lot of theatrical lighting as well."

Read more about Jenny Scarlata in THIS LITEGEAR ARTICLE.


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