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TRANS IN AMERICA - A Documentary Series: Created by the ACLU, this series contains 3 short documentaries about transgender civil rights that reveal the daily impact of discrimination on three families as they battle with bathroom bills, vulnerability in employment & housing, and the aftermath of incarceration. In light of the Trump administration's plans to define "transgender" out of existence, check out these incredible shorts here! The above picture is from the short 'Texas Strong' about Kimberly and Kai where Kimberly rejects her religious community’s beliefs as her 7-year-old transgender daughter navigates life at school, where she’s been banned from the girls’ bathroom. This short was directed by Daresha Kyi, an award-winning creator who writes, produces, and directs for film and TV in Spanish & English. Most recently Daresha co-directed and co-produced her first feature documentary, CHAVELA, with Emmy nominated Catherine Gund.

To learn more about how to support trans people right now, click here!


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