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Ava Benjamin Shorr (Director of Photography)

Ava Benjamin Shorr is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. She was raised by a Mormon mother and a Jewish father in Portland, Oregon. Her early passion for cinematography was stoked by skateboarding videos and art-house cinema. Technical prowess, photographic experimentation, and identity are all a fixture of her work. Disclosure premiered at Sundance 2020 and was released by Netflix. Equal, a four episode series for HBO Max, was released in 2020 as well. Framing Agnes, a film for which Ava was co-dp, premiered at Sundance 2022.

Ava was included on a list of “Mind Blowing Women Cinematographers” by Emmy Rossum, awarded an ASC Vision Mentorship with Rachel Morrison, ASC (Black Panther, Mudbound), and has a documentary about her transgender identity that premiered on Nowness and is currently making its way through the festival circuit. Read more about Ava in THIS WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD ARTICLE.


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